Dumbbell Barbell Set

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Dumbbells Set Up

Choose a weight you're comfortable with and add the Weight Plates to the Dumbbell Handle.
Both sides of the Dumbbell Handle should have matching Weight Plates in the same order.
Secure the Weight Plates onto the Dumbbell Handle with a Spin Lock Collar.
Ensure to tighten the Spin Lock Collar as much as possible to prevent loosening while exercising.

Barbell Set Up

Twist the Dumbbell Handles into both sides of the Barbell Connector.
To ensure a strong bar that doesn't loosen, the first few times connecting the barbell may be difficult. Over time, this process will naturally become easier.
Just as with the Dumbbells Set Up, add the desired Weight Plates, then tighten with Spin Lock Collars.
Don't forget to check the Barbell Connector and Spin Lock Collars are tightened and secure before exercising.
If you require any further assistance with your Dumbbell Barbell Set please contact us here 🙂

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