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Gym-quality workouts accessible to everyone, anywhere..

Elevate your workouts with our collection of premium fitness equipment. Built from high-quality materials, our innovative and cost-effective products are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. From multifunctional Dumbbell Sets and Benches to innovative Cable Pulley Systems and Resistance Bands Sets, we have everything you need to work out from home or on the go.


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V-Bar AttachmentV-Bar Attachment
V-Bar Attachment Sale price$39.95
20KG Weight Pack (10KGx2)20KG Weight Pack (10KGx2)
20KG Weight Pack (10KGx2) Sale price$69.95 Regular price$90.00
Cable Pulley System - Base KitCable Pulley System - Base Kit
Cable Pulley System - Base Kit Sale price$49.95 Regular price$80.00
Sold out
Lat Pulldown Bar
Lat Pulldown Bar Sale price$59.95
Curl Bar ConnectorCurl Bar Connector
Curl Bar Connector Sale price$59.95
Straight Bar AttachmentStraight Bar Attachment
Straight Bar Attachment Sale price$34.95
10KG Adjustable Kettlebell10KG Adjustable Kettlebell
10KG Adjustable Kettlebell Sale price$69.95 Regular price$95.00
Tricep Rope Attachment
Tricep Rope Attachment Sale price$29.95
Adjustable KettlebellAdjustable Kettlebell
Adjustable Kettlebell Sale price$49.95
30KG Dumbbell Barbell Weight Set30KG Dumbbell Barbell Weight Set
30KG Dumbbell Barbell Weight Set Sale price$119.95 Regular price$150.00
Handle Attachments
Handle Attachments Sale price$24.95
20KG Weight Pack (5KGx4)20KG Weight Pack (5KGx4)
20KG Weight Pack (5KGx4) Sale price$84.95
Single Tricep Rope
Single Tricep Rope Sale price$19.95
10KG Weight Pack (2.5KGx4)10KG Weight Pack (2.5KGx4)
Double Pulley Upgrade
Double Pulley Upgrade Sale price$39.95 Regular price$50.00


Our equipment has found a place in many Aussie homes over the years and can also be found in the following facilities