Curl Bar Connector

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Curl Bar Connector x1

Curl Bar Set Up

Twist a Dumbbell Handle into each side of the Curl Bar Connector until it reaches the limit (the entire Dumbbell Handle will not be inserted).
It is not recommended to apply excessive pressure when tightening the Dumbbell Handles as they can be difficult to remove if overtightened.
Add the desired Weight Plates to both ends of the Dumbbell Handles.
The connector was designed to allow additional Weight Plates to be added to the small gap if desired.
Secure the Weight Plates onto the Dumbbell Handle with a Spin Lock Collar.
Please note this product only includes 1x Curl Bar Connector. The guide mentions compatible parts included in the Dumbbell Barbell Set.
If you require any further assistance with your Curl Bar Connector please contact us here 🙂

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